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April 24, 2018

Travel & Tourism

For the end user, Travel and Tourism means Leisure. To companies in the business, it means limited budgets, intense competition, and higher-than-ever customer expectations.

The Travel and Tourism industry today is a major contributor to the global economy, growing rapidly and becoming more lucrative for those companies that understand how to embrace and transcend the challenges of the digital age. Consider these facts:

Solutions for a Dynamic and Growing Industry

  • 1 in 11 jobs worldwide is related to travel and tourism.
  • The industry contributes over $6.8 trillion to the global economy.
  • It’s expanding 4.4% per year and outpacing manufacturing, finance and retail.
  • The industry is expected to result in over 70 million new jobs through the next decade.

Our Services

  • Analyzing passenger trends and statistics
  • Engaging customers with relevant messages and information
  • Improving efficiency and streamlining business processes
  • Translating content from foreign languages/markets
  • Localizing services aimed at specific demographics
  • Creating new material for use in print, audio/visual, and multimedia

Our solutions include:

Understanding the market is as important as understanding the individual traveler. Customers today demand end-to-end solutions for travel and tourism both at home and on the go. We can assist you in providing a comprehensive view of markets and individual customers by consolidating data and presenting it in a practical, easy-to-understand way. TooSix Global thrives in creating personalized experiences for frequent travelers, streamlining all content from different languages and communication mediums into one cohesive message. Take advantage of the TooSix Global edge, and strengthen your tourism business right away.

At TooSix Global, we offer customized solutions that ensure access to new markets.

To ensure that your company remains ahead of the competition, it’s important to take into account all aspects of the tourism industry. TooSix Global can do precisely that, working with you closely as we devise the right strategy and solutions tailored to your particular needs.

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