As the technology industry grows quickly and continues to transform, it is imperative for technology companies to understand the field’s complex ecosystems, digital innovation and heightened industry-specific requirements. Equally as important is diversifying customer bases on a global scale.


To meet these varied needs, TooSix Global provides translation, digitization and media-related services for leading tech companies working in:

  • Computer software and hardware
  • Telecommunications
  • Mobile technology
  • Semiconductors


We have the capabilities to assist your company in handling new product releases while also engaging new and existing customers around the world with the following services:

  • Development of localized software
  • Consistent online branding
  • Multilingual product information
  • Global marketing campaigns
  • Research and analysis of customers
  • Crowdfunding strategies
  • Mapping and gauging competitors
  • Structured content and technology

Delivering our coveted translation services and business solutions worldwide, we also help our clients meet tight deadlines in a cost-efficient manner. Equally, we integrate compelling marketing strategies through social media and multilingual campaigns to reach out to diverse and emerging customer bases.

To succeed in today’s interconnected, interdependent world, it is vital that technology companies incorporate 4 rules for success:

  • Integrate relevant customer insights into business plans
  • Make the most of industry ecosystems by connecting supply chains between and among upstream suppliers, downstream sales channels, go-to-market partners and customers
  • Create flexible product portfolios that can adapt to changing market environments
  • Take advantage of government initiatives to interact with the high-tech sector

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