Maximizing retail sales begins with understanding the wants and concerns of consumers. To properly address their needs, a company must craft the exact brand communication, complete with the right images and best message.

Digital Challenges Traditional

TooSix Global understands the different dynamics at play for e-commerce and physical stores.
Although e-commerce is still in its infancy compared to traditional brick and mortar stores, we excel at working in both these mediums, helping our clients manage the customer experience. TooSix Global recognizes the new direction of the global marketplace—from a multicultural, multilingual point of view. In fact, we can take any established message and localize it effectively and quickly. Alternatively, we can create a brand-new message or work alongside you to come up with something that draws from previous projects, tailoring it to a specific market.

At TooSix Global, we take the following factors into account and then personalize them to fit your company, product and image:

  • Target market
  • Individual consumer needs
  • Local/International competition
  • Linguistic challenges
  • Media strategy
  • Brand consciousness

TooSix Global can also localize your message so as to reach the maximum number of customers through:

  • Websites/E-commerce
  • Retail outlets
  • Distribution channels
  • Commercial avenues
  • Social media networks

With access to the industry’s top copywriters, translators, editors, voice actors, and media personalities, TooSix Global can design the precise communication tool for the exact message you need to connect with your customers.

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