Media & Publishing

TooSix Global has a close relationship with the media and publishing sector, one of the first industries we provided services to starting out. Beginning with our talented and diverse group of voice artists, translators and editors, we take a leading role in communicating your product to the world, operating in advertising, animation, film, interactive media, radio and television. As a result, we can effectively introduce your message in the medium and language of your choice.

Global Solutions for Diverse Fields


Whether supplying character voices for the latest video game in multiple languages or translating and recording your published content for a website, digital media or hard copy, TooSix Global thrives in managing international publishing projects.

We help you find the perfect studio, cast and organize the voice talent, translate the script into each target language, and guarantee the web content is professionally localized for every target market.


TooSix comprehensively manages all aspects of the content development process, from the beginning of the creative journey and culminating in strategic implementation across relevant media channels. With years of experience in the field, TooSix Global has formed close ties with recording studios, artists, engineers, technicians and select companies.

At TooSix Global, we ensure media and publishing companies thrive by either introducing or refocusing their online presence. And as technology challenges the industry to make the jump from print to digital media, we work closely with our clients in managing their digital profiles.


Our team of highly experienced voice actors of all ages perform a wide array of voice-related projects in any target language. This includes voice-overs for commercials, video/computer games, online/TV/radio advertisements and education projects. TooSix Global Voice Talent: World-Class.


With professional writers and translators available for all major target languages, TooSix can meet your publishing needs. From copywriting and creative production to academia and educational materials, we manage our clients projects, working alongside our translators in crafting your message for both global and local markets.

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