Noted American economist Paul Krugman stated about the world economy, “manufacturing is one of the bright spots of a generally disappointing recovery, and there are signs—preliminary, but hopeful, nonetheless—that a sustained comeback may be under way.

Maximize Global Synergies

This is encouraging for the sector, as manufacturing remains the foundation of what some experts call Great Power, or the ability to make your own means of production. While part of this involves tailoring each product to local markets linguistically, culturally, commercially and technologically, the other side requires the maximization of global synergies. TooSix Global covers it all for manufacturers worldwide.


At TooSix Global, we are working with manufacturers in a wide array of fields—from shipbuilding and airlines to steel and electronics manufacturing—to come up with integrated solutions and content management analysis. We understand your need for relevant, detailed, and localized content, and that is why we offer comprehensive translation services on multiple platforms.

  • Cost-effective, localized translation
  • Complete support/service information
  • Consistent, market-oriented content creation
  • Reusable content for multiple products
  • Diverse formats for timely translation


We not only offer reusable content that allows you to optimize translation resources, but we synergize these materials so that they can be used across multiple platforms and in numerous markets, expanding your global reach and raising profits.

Why choose TooSix Global for your global manufacturing-related needs?

  • Quick content deployment
  • Extensive reach in global markets
  • Decreased translation costs
  • Increased enterprise productivity


To ensure that similar products can provide parallel high-quality content, we offer structured solutions to manage content used in different markets and through different platforms. We use optimized translation and documentation processes to create content for target markets/consumers.

  • Reduce end-to-end costs for localization with automated processes
  • Increased efficiency in terminology
  • Centralized content management solutions for additional flexibility, accuracy, consistency and quality in multilingual translations
  • Reusable content during the review process through simplified workflows and user-friendly online interfaces

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