Life Sciences

Life sciences represent one of the fastest growing fields in the world. However, sustainability remains a key factor for both emerging and established companies, as regulatory reform, patent expirations and chronic disease continue to pose serious challenges even to successful enterprises. At TooSix Global, our team of leading professionals has a keen understanding of these difficulties and can help you realize your full potential quickly, safely and cost effectively.

Sustainability as Priority for a Burgeoning Field


By working alongside a diverse group of people in the medical device industry—from biomedical engineers and caregivers to government regulators and sales personnel—TooSix Global has been able to deliver technically accurate translations for every business need, including data sheets, marketing collateral, reports, user guides, patents, and package inserts. We also carry out website globalization, multilingual typesetting and other industry-specific jobs.


As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly more competitive in aging societies worldwide, the need for better products and services in this field has never been more acute. Our wide range of leading services ensures that patients and caregivers alike are afforded the top linguistic and localization solutions, meeting the most rigorous needs of hospitals, long-term care facilities, and medical institutions.


Multinational biotechnology companies looking to launch new products in global markets have to collaborate and communicate with multiple agencies. Delays in the translation and review of clinical research, marketing, and production documents can lead to unacceptable cost increases when it comes time to launching the final product.

At TooSix Global, our aim is to be the most reliable partner for biotech innovators, be they individuals or companies, who want to streamline their content for multilingual translation projects. This includes but is not limited to DNA sequencing, vaccines, pharmacology, pathogen detection, gene expression analysis, and pharmaceutical technology.


With global pharmaceutical companies now facing unprecedented challenges, it is crucial they improve R&D productivity and streamline value chain costs. In addition, an increase in the number of mergers and acquisitions will force globally competitive Pharma companies to reassess their business models and often outsource activities such as marketing.

Although pharmaceutical sales are expected to grow internationally up to 6% at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2016, this gain will largely be driven by robust growth in emerging markets. TooSix Global is well-equipped to handle your most extensive language requirements, including research papers, clinical trial agreements, study protocols, investigation brochures, CMC documentation, study synopses, marketing material, packaging, and labeling.

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