Governments strive to understand and reflect the needs of society. At TooSix Global, we work closely with governmental groups and organizations at the local, provincial/state and federal levels, helping them accurately communicate with other governmental NGOs, as well as their own citizens.

Communication with TooSix Global

TSGlobal prides itself on being able to connect diverse communities with accurate, consistent content in every target language. Government organizations require comprehensive solutions that differ slightly from corporations and include:

  • Special attention paid to language/culture issues
  • Clear understanding of constituencies and polling groups
  • A knowledge of a city, province or country’s tourism industry
  • Special services for critical content
Our all-inclusive translation services let you engage in a dialogue between communities/organizations and individuals, while collecting feedback and opinions each step of the way. Additionally, our translation services allow your group or organization to maximize its resources and focus on the specific groups of citizens most important to a campaign.

Real-Time Translation Services

TooSix Global can help you maximize your resources with real-time translation solutions for all types of content.

  • Offering both automated and manual translations to optimize time and resources
  • Translating data into multiple languages through automated translation functions
  • Handling important content that requires analysis and in-house interpretation
  • Integrating a number of applications, including multilingual SEO, web monitoring, chat services, OCR, broadcast monitoring, language processing, and more