The complexities of Energy are often separated into two distinct categories: Companies from resource-rich nations looking to export their products, and those trying to find a way to procure the necessary energy to maintain stable economic growth and national prosperity.

TooSix Global’s Energy Industry Services

Both ends of this equation require the services of a broker who understands the other’s needs, which is exactly what TooSix Global accomplishes in conjunction with multinational corporations involved in the renewable energy industries, along with traditional oil & gas, coal, and electrical & nuclear power companies.


Just as the world’s leading energy companies understand that new and renewable energy sources represent the only sustainable solution to long-term economic growth and responsible environmental practices, TooSix Global wants to help companies adapt to local markets as they introduce cutting-edge energy sources and technologies. From wind, tidal and solar energy to bioenergy, hydro energy, and earth & geothermal energy, we can help you achieve all of your goals.


With each passing year, the average country needs approximately 4-5% more electrical energy. In some places, such as the Middle East, this figure is twice as high. Nuclear power has now become part of a diverse range of solutions that nations are pursuing to meet their growing energy needs, with the fastest rate of growth seen in China, Japan, South Korea and India. TooSix Global is confident it can meet customers' most exacting requirements when dealing with electrical and nuclear power companies as they branch out into different markets.


Although coal production is declining in European markets, it is growing fastest in Asia. When you consider that China now produces more than 3,000 megatons of coal, or twice as much than its top two competitors, the U.S. and India, it is evident that there is huge potential to work with all markets in promoting or importing/exporting this resource.


Oil and natural gas will remain critical energy sources in the foreseeable future. Whether it is extracting oil from Canada’s tar sands, taking advantage of the world’s largest mineable reserves of shale gas in China, shipping oil from the Middle East or exploring new technologies to deliver natural gas, TooSix Global’s localization services can make this a reality in markets around the world.

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