Consumer Goods

Today, the consumer goods industry presents one of the biggest challenges to companies that are looking to continue growing in markets that appear to be constantly in flux. Aware of the difficulty this creates for businesses both large and small, TooSix Global has the necessary resources to address this and other industry-related hurdles.

Responding to Transformation

Smaller consumer-driven companies do not have the financial resources or time they once did, especially when it comes to competing against the world’s biggest consumer product names. As a result, forward-thinking innovation is what we use to propel your company and goods ahead of the competition, not by redefining core products with new technology, but by bringing about technology solutions which enhance the consumer experience with the same products as before.

Moving forward with our clients, we continue to follow the industry’s most important trends:


People want to play a more active role with the things they buy and companies need to recognize this shift. Consumers are participating in the funding, launch and growth of products and brands. More than that, customers want to have access to special options such as pre-ordering, crowdfunding and consumer equity.


For decades, larger corporations focused much of their sales strategy approach on consumer behavior patterns. Today’s consumers are savvier and changing the way they shop faster than ever before. TooSix Global assists our clients in targeting the modern consumer no matter where they are in the world.


There’s been a major shift in market thinking. Emerging markets no longer cater to developed markets. In fact, it’s now the other way around.  Also, TooSix understands how emerging markets are producing goods focused on local consumers, which allows us to help our clients make the necessary changes to succeed.


Consumers will always be on the lookout for new products and services. Companies not only have to balance this with the continuing requirement to respect eco-related concerns, but combine a product with interesting, thought-provoking backstories.

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