The global automotive industry is in the midst of extraordinary change and growth. Automakers are now building local production facilities in countries around the world; tailoring vehicles to local consumer tastes and trends; and seeking to increase sales, market share, and profits, not just in the most advanced nations but in developing countries as well. New markets present risks, including significant capital investment. They also raise environmental concerns and have led to unprecedented competition for human, material, and natural resources.

Understanding Regional Requirements

“The companies separating themselves from the rest will be the ones that profitably and flexibly meet regional customer requirements.” TooSix Global can ensure your brand and message remains consistent through all levels as we manage your portfolio, guaranteeing your product gets to market on time, every time.

BRIC and Beyond 

The nature of the auto market’s evolution can be seen in what’s happening with the BRIC countries as they begin to attract more investment. It’s estimated that BRIC nations will account for more than 30% of the world's automotive sales in the next few years. There are also significant opportunities here for manufacturing, sourcing and R&D.

Beyond the BRIC markets are the ASEAN nations of Southeast Asia, emerging economies in the Middle East, the Andean nations of South America and a cluster of countries in North Africa. All major automobile manufacturers are present in emerging markets, but many struggle with leveraging the strategic potential of these regions fully. One key reason is that their operations are not sufficiently localized to help them achieve each of their goals.

Challenges: The Art of the Launch

  • Why does production fall behind? Often the culprits are lack of transparency and communication between the hundreds of business units in design and production or unforeseen issues with suppliers, retooling or specialized resources.
  • Studies suggest that for every day an automotive launch was late, an OEM missed out on $1 million in sales. One OEM went on record estimating that after a three-month delay on a major launch, it had lost 60% of the lifecycle profit.
  • In the auto industry, introducing new products to market can cost up to $1 billion depending on the product’s complexity. Getting these products to market is crucial in order to realize ROI during the full lifecycle of the product. A delayed launch not only affects OEMs(Original Equipment Manufacturer), but also suppliers, dealer sales & services and aftermarket ecosystems.

How we can help

TooSix Global helps you reach international markets quickly. We work to gain a competitive edge, maximize your share of the market, reduce production costs, increase the equity of your brand, and increase revenues globally.

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