Aerospace & Defense

As the Aerospace and Defense industry manages both structured and unstructured data today, there is a growing need for the private sector and governmental bodies to address this issue. From flight plans and engineering specs to hardware and software designs, TooSix Global takes pride in getting the results our clients have come to expect, and then surpassing those same expectations.

Globalization’s Impact on Aerospace and Defense

The world has never been this interconnected. Increased access to new markets has been followed by a global exchange of views, ideas, technologies, and labor. Although this has proven to be a catalyst for growth in the industry, globalization brings with it both familiar and new challenges.


As markets continue to drop trade barriers, competition is stiff in the private sector. As a result, it is more essential than ever for businesses to target both civilian and military organizations and prove how they can become more competitive and more efficient.


People today travel farther and more often. This means a thorough understanding of cultures and nations is crucial. For an airline to be successful they require the assistance of companies that specialize in global operations.


Keeping pace with and even one step ahead of advancing technology can often separate your product from everyone else. As such, successful aerospace and defense companies choose to work with individuals and corporations that understand their concerns.

TooSix Global: Practical Solutions for Industry

Our unique expertise guarantees that companies in the aerospace and defense industry can succeed. In a global-yet-local market that demands local know-how and information, TooSix Global understands that the aerospace and defense industry needs greater collaboration and greater security at less cost. Whether it is translation or industry-specific knowledge, we are able to deliver every time, on any given project. Make us a part of your extended enterprise.

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